Club Colours

Although the green jerseys with white trims are synonymous with Doheny teams and it would be difficult to imagine a Doheny team turning out in any other strip it might come as a surprise to supporters to learn that this was not always the type of jersey worn by Doheny teams.

When the club was established back in 1886 the team wore white jerseys with silver trims. For the next 40 years white was to remain the primary colour in the jerseys. However, green was added in the 1890's in the form of the club name across the front Thus the county winning team of 1897 had the name 'M.Doheny F.C.'adorning their jerseys.

When the War Of Independence ended in 1921 and club activity resumed after a two year break Doheny teams were sporting new colours. These had green and white horizontal stripes and were worn by the junior hurlers in 1924 when defeated by Glen Rovers in the County final. In the late 1920's the jerseys still had stripes but these now ran vertically.

In the early 1930's the jersey had changed again. They were still primarily white but with a wide white band across the middle. In 1934 the club held it's A.G.M. as usual but no teams were fielded that year as political differences came to the fore in the club. When teams again took to the playing fields in 1935 new jerseys were on view, the now familiar all-green ones with white collars and cuffs. The club won the county junior football championship that year and the jersey became a permanent feature of Doheny teams.

The style of the jersey has changed especially in recent years but the dominant green colour is synonymous with the spirit of Doheny teams. Of necessity the club now also has an alternative strip, which is predominantly orange with green trims.