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The Doheny Gaa lotto is essential in the development of the club and its facilities. In today's current climate the financial burden on clubs and organisations is immense. Sport and sports facilities are expensive but also essential to a community and can be very easily taken for granted.

Young people must be catered for and their talents nurtured, they must be given every opportunity to display these same talents at the highest level and on the biggest stage, it is their heritage, history and a sense of belonging. Thus the heavy dependence on the goodwill of the community, without that ongoing goodwill a lot of projects would not be possible. The people of Dunmanway and surrounding areas make a large contribution every year through the purchase of lotto tickets and various other fund raising activities, the sellers, collectors, without you all, nothing would be possible it is much appreciated, you have our deepest thanks.

Click on the link below to download and print the Direct Debit Form. Once completed, please send to the Club at the address shown on the form.

Download Direct Debit Form