1897 - Dunmanway v Aghada

The semi-final match in football for the County Championship was played off on Sunday in the Cork Park, the contesting teams being Dunmanway and Aghada. The Aghada team appeared the lighter of the two sets of men, but in every other respect they were no match for their opponents. The day ,though threatening, held out as well as could be expected, and the match was witnessed by a fairly large crowd.

Details - Aghada won the toss and played towards the Blackrock end of the Park. They at once became aggressive but Dunmanway relieved and scored a point. Some passing again brought play to Dunmanway quarters where a goal was secured by Aghada, and getting a free kick soon after, they followed up with a point and augumented this score by still another from a 60 yard kick. Soon after the Dunmanway men got possession and scored a goal. The Aghada men relieved and transferred play again to Dunmanway ground where a well directed kick added another point to their score. Halt time was soon after called, the score standing:-
                                   Aghada - 1 goal  3 points
                                   Dunmanway - 1 goal  1 point

On change of sides the Dunmanway men immediately rushed a point, and after some splendid passing in midfield succeeded in putting another point to their credit. Two free kicks about five minutes of each other increased the Dunmanway score by two points. At this juncture the play had to be stopped for over a quarter of an hour. On the resumption of play the Dunmanway men added another point to their credi which they followed up with two more before the call of full time, when the score stood:-
                                    Dunmanway - 2 goals  6 points(4 goals)
                                    Aghada - 1 goal   3 points (2 goals)
The following were the Dunmanway team:-  D O’ Donovan (capt), P. Crowley,  T. Crowley, P. Lordan, J. Lordan, T. Crowley, J. Donovan, C. Coughlan,  T. Coughlan, P. Donovan, J. Bernard, T. Lynch, F.J. Crowley, D. Desmond, T. Sullivan, J. Fuller, C. Flynn.